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TRANSLATOR'S NOTE This is the questions and answers, and ONLY the questions and answers. I may go back and translate the rest some other time, but right now I'm too tired, sick, and lazy to do so.

☆What address should I send letters, etc, to?
★I only take stuff at the live venue. Sorry for not giving you the info~Come to the live! m(__)m

☆When is the day GHOST will be reviving? I look forward to it!
★Where was this rumor...? w(゜o゜)w No comment from me on this.

☆Do you play any sort of sport?
★I do not! It's because I was never cut out for sports.

☆Do you eat nata de coco?
★Recently I've just been eating tofu.

☆Are you looking for a job?
★I'm guilty! (by Masashi Tashiro)

☆You haven't been doing many lives recently?
★That hasn't been my intention, but as an adult many situations can come up..But I'll keep doing my best!

☆When will you release a CD?
★When I'm able to create music that's sufficient..Can you wait until you become a grandma? (>_<)

☆I'd like to see Kousei in glasses! Take a photo! (A French person, not a Japanese one)
★I'll try to borrow some glasses from someone. Where do I send it to you?

☆Tell me your address! (An English person, not a Japanese one)
★You're kind of ordering me around a bit......(゜Д゜;)))

☆Have you been on pigg lately?
★Not lately. I've been installing music software on my PC..

☆Why did I suddenly receive a peta from you?
★It was on a whim. (>_<) I had just happened to be on, so I decided to peta some people and get on pigg (I came on, I got off), but I'm happy you got it. Which one was it!?

☆I want to go get a drink with you!
★I get invitations to go drinking in fanme quite a bit~. (laughs) Sometimes I've thought about doing stuff like this after lives...Well, I've thought about it. But it doesn't mean I will.....

☆Has abutoronikku worked?
★So far it hasn't made me thinner, but maybe I'm not just getting a reaction from my muscles yet. (laughs) This has been a successful report about experimenting on my body!

☆I heard a rumor about you changing your name at a live, is it true?
★It's definitely not! It must be about someone else.

☆What is the trick to become more tolerant of drinking?
★Someone has told me that it's...To become a fool! I mean, why not? You'll be happy when you vomit it all back up. (・∀・)


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