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here comes much awaited news
kaneki | tokyo ghoul
glass_sylph wrote in sylphid_blog
original entry here (amenba only

Good evening, everyone!

I did say the wait wouldn't be very damn long for this. ><

I mentioned a CD earlier, and here are more details about it. ^^


hisui solo 1st single
lyrics: hisui
composition: Zero
arrangement: Kaie

10/20(Wed)*limited sales to this day
500 yen (tax in)


Whether you buy or don't buy it, I hope you don't regret this choice.
If you buy it, the regret may be worth it times 100. ><

If that's the case, you can always use it as a frisbee to avoid crows. ^^

So I'd like to say...

Please buy it. (・∀・)

Two per person. (・∀・)

Send one to another country. (・∀・)

If you don't, it will be a real loss for you once they're gone!

It can be a souvenir!

Kyaakyaa. ヽ(´∇`)ノ

And maybe someday you'll shake hands with me. (´,_ゝ`)b
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What Kaie could this be? Luzmelt's?

I'm pretty sure it's Nightingeil's Kaie. He's in session bands with Hisui pretty often, and was in the session band with Hisui, Kousei, and Yuu a few months back. (I think it was called ima nau romantikku.)

Actually, I'd be kinda shocked if it wasn't Nightingeil's Kaie. 8D;; His blog is here.

Ah, I see!!! Thanks for the info!!!!

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