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beyond wishes, love, and dreams...
sylphid_alt wrote in sylphid_blog
original entry here (amenba only)

We're disbanding.

Although it's difficult for us five members of the band, over time our visions have become different from one another's.

But this isn't easy, and the pain is something I'd rather not think about. Each of the members of valluna are a person I have come to like.

I've come to trust all of the members, and I wanted to think I could keep on doing this.

That's something everyone wanted, right?

And then this is one of my worries...

I've always been very frail, so I've been in and out of the hospital many times.

And this year it's gradually gotten worse, and now it's become difficult to do certain activities.

So, besides the disbanding of valluna, I've also decided to temporarily leave the music scene.

After recovering soon, I want to be able to return to everyone again.

Until the last one man, as valluna's SAKURA, I will continue to do my best.

In the end, I want to burn the image of the best valluna into everyone's eyes.

That is what I'm wishing for.

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