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kaneki | tokyo ghoul
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TRANSLATOR'S NOTE This is the questions and answers, and ONLY the questions and answers. I may go back and translate the rest some other time, but right now I'm too tired, sick, and lazy to do so.

☆What address should I send letters, etc, to?
★I only take stuff at the live venue. Sorry for not giving you the info~Come to the live! m(__)m

☆When is the day GHOST will be reviving? I look forward to it!
★Where was this rumor...? w(゜o゜)w No comment from me on this.

☆Do you play any sort of sport?
★I do not! It's because I was never cut out for sports.

☆Do you eat nata de coco?
★Recently I've just been eating tofu.

☆Are you looking for a job?
★I'm guilty! (by Masashi Tashiro)

☆You haven't been doing many lives recently?
★That hasn't been my intention, but as an adult many situations can come up..But I'll keep doing my best!

☆When will you release a CD?
★When I'm able to create music that's sufficient..Can you wait until you become a grandma? (>_<)

☆I'd like to see Kousei in glasses! Take a photo! (A French person, not a Japanese one)
★I'll try to borrow some glasses from someone. Where do I send it to you?

☆Tell me your address! (An English person, not a Japanese one)
★You're kind of ordering me around a bit......(゜Д゜;)))

☆Have you been on pigg lately?
★Not lately. I've been installing music software on my PC..

☆Why did I suddenly receive a peta from you?
★It was on a whim. (>_<) I had just happened to be on, so I decided to peta some people and get on pigg (I came on, I got off), but I'm happy you got it. Which one was it!?

☆I want to go get a drink with you!
★I get invitations to go drinking in fanme quite a bit~. (laughs) Sometimes I've thought about doing stuff like this after lives...Well, I've thought about it. But it doesn't mean I will.....

☆Has abutoronikku worked?
★So far it hasn't made me thinner, but maybe I'm not just getting a reaction from my muscles yet. (laughs) This has been a successful report about experimenting on my body!

☆I heard a rumor about you changing your name at a live, is it true?
★It's definitely not! It must be about someone else.

☆What is the trick to become more tolerant of drinking?
★Someone has told me that it's...To become a fool! I mean, why not? You'll be happy when you vomit it all back up. (・∀・)

here comes much awaited news
kaneki | tokyo ghoul
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Good evening, everyone!

I did say the wait wouldn't be very damn long for this. ><

I mentioned a CD earlier, and here are more details about it. ^^


hisui solo 1st single
lyrics: hisui
composition: Zero
arrangement: Kaie

10/20(Wed)*limited sales to this day
500 yen (tax in)


Whether you buy or don't buy it, I hope you don't regret this choice.
If you buy it, the regret may be worth it times 100. ><

If that's the case, you can always use it as a frisbee to avoid crows. ^^

So I'd like to say...

Please buy it. (・∀・)

Two per person. (・∀・)

Send one to another country. (・∀・)

If you don't, it will be a real loss for you once they're gone!

It can be a souvenir!

Kyaakyaa. ヽ(´∇`)ノ

And maybe someday you'll shake hands with me. (´,_ゝ`)b
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beyond wishes, love, and dreams...
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We're disbanding.

Although it's difficult for us five members of the band, over time our visions have become different from one another's.

But this isn't easy, and the pain is something I'd rather not think about. Each of the members of valluna are a person I have come to like.

I've come to trust all of the members, and I wanted to think I could keep on doing this.

That's something everyone wanted, right?

And then this is one of my worries...

I've always been very frail, so I've been in and out of the hospital many times.

And this year it's gradually gotten worse, and now it's become difficult to do certain activities.

So, besides the disbanding of valluna, I've also decided to temporarily leave the music scene.

After recovering soon, I want to be able to return to everyone again.

Until the last one man, as valluna's SAKURA, I will continue to do my best.

In the end, I want to burn the image of the best valluna into everyone's eyes.

That is what I'm wishing for.

august 15th!! war anniversary
kaneki | tokyo ghoul
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This point in time will come again for years to come.

It's as if the world is at peace. ヾ(*´ー`*)ノ゛

"minna...nakayousen to akan yo" by Oyakume (Ushio and Tora)
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I think some of you may know that velgat's guitarist ToMo will be leaving due to poor health.

ToMo has been my partner for 7 years, and he's become one of the irrepraceable people in my life.

And now, in my opinion he's one of the no. 1 people out there...So, everyone, please give him your support.


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